Wellhead Measurements
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Our products can be used with different types of wellhead completions.

GT Wellhead Adapter
Pack Off Converter
Toad Stool Adapter
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Tell Us Your Wellhead Feedthru Needs

Please use the form below to give send us the information on your wellhead completion so that we can tailor our products to your needs. Please indicate if measurements are in inches (in.) or centimeters (cm.).

Wellhead Completion Data Sheet

For items A-L refer to illustration on left panel.
A. Tubing offset from wellhead centerline (only on eccentric wells)
B. Mandrel offset from wellhead centerline (only on eccentric wells)
C. API flange size
D. Max. thickness of adapter flange
E. Distance between flange faces
F. Extension O.D.
G. Hanger top O.D.
H. Hanger bottom O.D.
I. Hanger length
J. Hanger and adapter length
K. Minimum bore
L. Distance between bottom flange faces
Casing size & weight
Casing pressure PSI
Flowing well temperature F°
Tubing type
Tubing size & weight
Tubing thread
Cable size & type (round or flat)
Maximum voltage requirement
Maximum amp requirement
Hazardous location (explosion proof)

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