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Transient Voltage (Surge) Protection

Electric Submersible Pump installations can be adversely affected by cumulative transient voltage. The transients generated by external forces such as lightning, line slapping, grid switching, and/or internal forces like system switching, arcing ground faults, etc., attack electric insulation from the service entrance (switchboard/VSD) to the downhole motor.  Continuous attacks weaken the insulation until it can no longer absorb the transient, thus stopping the flow of electricity to the pump motor.

The solution to minimizing this destructive element is the installation of a TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppression).  To learn more about TVSS and protecting your Electric Submersible Pump, visit Magney-Grande at:

Downhole Cable

We have designed our downhole connectors and nonexplosion-proof surface connectors for use with numerous sizes and types of cable manufactured by industry leaders in the field of ESP installation cable. Please contact or use the following links to obtain specific cable information.

Class 1 Division 1 (C1D1) Cable

PFT’s explosion-proof surface connectors utilize 5kV Shielded Type MV-105 or MC-HL cables with Continuous Corrugated Aluminum Armor and covered with a -400 PVC jacket. This cable meets the latest NEC specifications. Please contact or use the following link and click on “Armored Cable” to obtain specific cable information.