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Penetrators for Wellheads With or Without Bonnets

Gator Feed Max

Gator Feed Max®

Our Black Gator® line of wellhead feed-thru penetrators are available in over 100 different outer profiles, to fit the numerous wellhead configurations used around the world. We manufacture penetrators designed for use in wellheads with or without bonnets. Penetrator profiles may vary depending on the wellhead manufacturer and the amount of space available for the penetrator in a wellhead assembly. Many of our penetrator designs can be supplied with our Gator Loc™* 2-turn make-up connection.

All Black Gator® penetrators are rated to 5000 psig, 5kV, 205A, temperatures up to 400°F, and incorporate PEEK™ component parts. Each profile is available in HazLoc certified designs and carry CSA, ATEX & IECEx certification.

Our Black Gator® Gator Feed® line combines the wellhead penetrator and lower connector into a single component. It is available in standard or HazLoc certified CSA, ATEX & IECEx designs.

If one of our existing designs does not meet your needs we can design a penetrator that will meet your specific wellhead requirements.

GT6 Wellhead Adapter

Toadstool Adapter

Knock Off Cap Wellhead Adapter