Black Gator® Tri-Gator® Packer Penetrator

Tri-Gator Packer Penetrator

The PFT Tri-Gator®* Packer Penetrator is our innovative field-attachable penetrator system, designed with a compact 0.99" O.D. profile to meet restricted-bore applications. PEEK™ insulators and minimal use of elastomers increase the durability of this versatile unit.


  • 3-lead system packer penetrator
  • For multiple port packers, small-diameter packers or any packer with restricted spacing
  • Fully field-attachable top and bottom
  • No splices above or below the packer
  • Proven seal technology
  • PEEK™ insulators
  • Thermoplastic components


  • 5000 psi (proof tested to 13,500 psi)
  • 5kV (proof tested to 24.5kV)
  • 205A (depending on cable size)
  • Up to 350° F (175° C) depending on operating requirements and conditions